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(Movie) (JP) Nemosu Idol Sosenkyo Battle (ネ申アイドル総選挙バトル) 2011.

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One vote is to determine the life and deathBehind idol group “Pretty student council after school.”Chance of a life given to us from reversing a member.

Once the # 1 solo debut general election. The dropouts are waiting for the rape and death. Surviving the battle, the “Idol Shin value” of obtaining the title of Who are you? !

Behind idol group “Pretty after school student council” members are kidnapped by someone in a live theater in Akihabara. Then, the projected destination is unknown to the webcast, our new members attached to each collar epidemic. Began with the progress of the mystery man and “Idol election battle Shin value”. It is a talent in each member, the # 1 determines the general election by a vote of viewers. Once dominated the top idol solo first place, to the fewer number of votes have been waiting humiliation and death. One person and one person dropped out again (death) in and go, nature will become bare and heavy hail no idols wearing dainty. Survive the election, the “Idol Shin value” Who’s getting the title of all? !

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(MAG) Friday Magazine 2011.08.05 (AKB48.Reina Fujie, SDN48, Hinata Izumi) (17PIC)

Friday Magazine 2011.08.05 (AKB48.Reina Fujie, SDN48, Hinata Izumi) (17PIC)

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(MAG) Young Champion 2011 No.17 (20PIC)

Young Champion 2011 No.17 (20PIC) (AKB48 Asuka Kuramochi, Miss YC2011)

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